All-natural, Omega-3-rich skincare products from the lush foothills of Jiri Mountain in South Korea.

About us

IMRO is a family-run skincare brand that harnesses the rejuvenating powers of the Korean Perilla plant. As one of the richest sources of Omega-3 in the botanical world, the Perilla seed gives forth healing oils that repair, strengthen, and maintain healthy skin that lasts a lifetime.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all-natural is all your skin needs. That’s why our Perilla plants are lovingly grown in mineral-rich mountain soil in a region renowned for organic cultivation for over 1200 years.

The Purity of Our Process

Nourished with pure mountain
water, we never use chemical
fertilizers or herbicides,
only IMRO’s patented organic
process that produces abundant,
flourishing growth across
150 acres of family-owned farmland.

Our Promise

Naturally rich in Omega-3, the cold-pressed oil drawn from the organically-grown Perilla promotes healthier, more vibrant skin that is naturally protected from the world’s harsh elements.